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E-tivities for complementary modules

Ganza JF Regis
E-tivities for complementary modules
by GANZA Jean Francois Regis - Monday, 9 August 2021, 8:18 PM

This is to inform those who are 1) taking complementary modules blended mode (face-to-face & online learning through this system) and 2) those who are studying for RPL assessment, that there are some activities developed to help them to test their learning. After reading the provided manual or handout, you can open the activity of the covered contents and answer to the preset questions to test if you have acquired the knowledge through your self study.

For theoretical online activities, 

  • Each trainer is allowed to open (exercise with) that activity only twice (two attempts are allowed). 
  • Open the activity only when necessary
  • All activities are time (countdown), open it when you are ready.

For Offline practical work that requires online submission, 

  • Read the provided task or Download the attached file for that activity (if provided)
  • Work on the assignment 
  • Save the work in instructed file format and name it accordingly
  • Upload your file only when you are sure that you have a facilitator who will mark and grade your work.

Ganza JF Regis